Meet the Characters in the order of appearance!   Will be continueously updated.
(Updated 5/27/2020)
The rambunctious, only son of the State Senator. Simba as an eye for trouble but is a good kid deep down.

The 7th daughter of a wealthy sea merchant. She is 16 years old and goes to Disney Public Highschool.
The 5th daughter of a wealthy sea merchant. Ariel’s sister. Is 21 years old and currently training to be a musician. She is skilled in the saxophone, piano and bass.   A long-time friend of Simba’s father, Mufasa. Zazu became his business consultant before Simba was born and when Mufasa became Senator, Zazu was promoted to his chief of staff. He used to teach history and world government at the Disney Public Highschool
A wealthy owner of a sea merchant business. He is a widower and father of 7 daughters. A big fan of music and large patron to the Disney Public School’s Arts program. Almost all of his daughters have skills related to it.
  Simba's mother, and the heart and backbone to her household. She is a stay at home mother but helps her husband host and entertain those in the social-political aspects. A true queen, you could say.

The Vice Principle of Disney Elementary. Principle Hook's right-hand man and close friend.
The Principle of Disney Elementary School. He's strict but fair. He may not be the most sensitive of children's wants but he knows what children need in order to grow up to become proper members of society.